HMS Echo (1782)  (3rd)
Sloop 16-gun

This the third ship to carry the name HMS Echo was the name ship of a class of 16-gun, sloops.

Built by Barton of Liverpool, launched 08-Oct-1782, 101ft 6in long, 27ft 6in wide and of 342 tons builders measurement. Armed with 16 x 6pdr guns and 8 x 12pdr carronades.

Went to the Newfoundland station returning to Britain 1788 to be paid off. Recommissioned after a short time and went back to Newfoundland.

With the outbreak of war with France returned to the Britain and used as convoy escort and anti-French cruising in the North Sea and English Channel.

Formed part of the expedition to take the Cape of Good Hope from the Dutch 1795. Went on to Colombo and Indian Ocean waters.

Returned to the Cape early 1797 and paid off.

Broken up 1797.

Won the Battle Honour: Cape of Good Hope 1795.


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