Honour - Cape of Good Hope 1795

Date - 14-July/16-September
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793 - 1802

Description During the War, the hostility of Holland meant a force was despatched to the Dutch Cape colony. The force comprised 3 x 3rd rates, 2 x 4th Rates and 2 smaller vessels. (Monarch (74), Victorious (74), Arrogant (74), America (64), Stately (64), Echo (16) and Rattlesnake (16)).

The squadron arrived at Simons Bay in July 1795 and landed 1,000 seamen several hundred marines. The Dutch were chased over several weeks, then on 3-September 14 British East Indiamen arrived with reinforcements. The Dutch Governor sued for peace and on 16-September, the town, colony and about 1,000 Dutch Regular troops surrendered.


HM Ships
 America Crescent  Echo  Hope  Jupiter 
Monarch  Moseley  Rattlesnake  Ruby  Sceptre 
Sphinx  Stately  Tremendous  Trident   
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