HMS Ark Royal (1955) CV  (4th)

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This the fourth Ark Royal, was one of two Audacious Class (1952) Fleet Carriers. She was ordered in 1942, was commissioned in 1955 as a 43,000 ton armoured Fleet Carrier. 

She was the first Royal Navy carrier to pioneer all the British developments enabling jet operations including the angled deck, steam catapult and a mirror landing aid. 

Originally she was designed to operate 90 small aircraft with landing speed of up to 80 knots. With progressive modifications she was able to fly 40 much larger aircraft with landing speeds up to 135 knots. 

Following her first major refit of 1958-59 she was able to operate a new generation of swept wing aircraft such as the Supermarine Scimitar and the De Havilland Sea Vixen. 

Further refits followed from 04-Jan-1964 to Nov-1964, and 1967-70. They eventually allowed her to operate McDonnell Douglas Phantoms.

Appeared at the Silver Jubilee Review 1977.

Paid off on 03-Dec-1978.


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