HMS Ark Royal (1985) CVS  (5th)

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This the fifth vessel to bear the name Ark Royal is also the third aircraft carrier to carry the name. 

Built by Swan Hunter Shipbuilders at Wallsend, laid down Dec-1978, launched 02-Jun-1981,  accepted into service 01-Jul-1985 and commissioned Nov-1985. 

For purely political reasons she was originally rated as an Anti-Submarine Cruiser and to be named Indomitable. With a change in political climate she was able to be called what she always was, an aircraft carrier and renamed Ark Royal 01-Dec-1978.

HMS Ark Royal is larger than her 2 sisters, Invincible and Illustrious, at 210 metres (683 feet) long. She has a maximum beam of 36 metres (117 feet) and a displacement of 20,000 tonnes.

Four Olympus gas turbine engines (like Concorde’s) give a speed in excess of 30 knots. A steeper ski jump than in the other ships of this class is fitted at the forward end of the flight deck.

HMS Ark Royal was planned to remain in active service until 2015 when the next generation of aircraft carriers were scheduled to enter service. But defence cuts in late 2010 meant she was paid off early.

The Ship's motto is 'Zeal Does Not Rest'

Arrived at Portsmouth for de-commissioning 03-Dec-2010 and put up for sale 25-Mar-2011.

Towed from Portsmouth 20-may-2013 for breaking up by Leyal  near Izmir in Turkey.

Won the Battle Honour: Al Faw 2003.


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