Honour - Ushant 1781

Date - 12-December
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions 
Conflict - American War of Independence; 1775-83 

Description The battle took place about 150 miles off Ushant on the North-west coast of Brittany.

Twelve ships-of-the-line from the Channel Fleet under Rear-Admiral Kempenfelt intercepted a large French convoy on its way to the West Indies. Which was escorted by 19 French ships-of-the-line.

Kempenfelt ordered a general chase and managed to capture 15 merchantmen, ending the action without loss.


HM Ships
Agamemnon  Alexander  Arethusa  Britannia  Courageux 
Duke  Edgar  Medway  Monsieur  Ocean 
Prudente  Queen  Renown  Tartar  Tisiphone 
Union  Valiant  Victory     
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