HMS Victory (1765)  (5th)
1st Rate 100-gun 

This the fifth and current ship to carry the name HMS Victory was a first rate, three deck, 100-gun, ship-of-the-line.

Built at Chatham Dockyard, launched 07-May-1965, 186ft long, 52ft wide, and of 2,142 tons builders measurement (bm).

Following her launch Victory remained in the Medway for 13years, and did not join the Fleet until May-1778 when she became the Flagship of the Channel Fleet . 

Her first action took place in Jul-1778 against the French off Ushant.

1782 saw taking part in the relief of Gibralter and the Battle of Cape Spartel. Then on her return to Portsmouth in 1883 she was paid off.

The first Coalition against Revolutionary France was formed in 1793 and Victory left for the Mediterranean as part of a twenty one strong Fleet. 

Nov-1797 saw Victory return to Chatham, then from 1798 to 1800 duty as a hospital ship. 

Rebuilt 1801 to 1803, with her tonnage increased to 2,164 tons bm.

She recommissioned May 1803, and it was back to the Mediterranean as Flagship for Lord Nelson. Following the 18 month blockade  of Toulon, the Fleet chased a French Fleet across the Atlantic to the West Indies, and back to Cadiz. Then Victory with Nelson aboard returned to the UK. 

On 15-Sep-1805 Victory with Nelson returned to take over command of the Fleet blockading Cadiz. 

So Victory was Lord Nelson's Flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar, 15-Sep-1805, when the combined Fleets of France and Spain were decisively beaten and Napoleon denied use of the sea. Of 33 French and Spanish ships 18 were taken during the battle and a further four taken two weeks later. The rest returned to Cadiz where they remained for the duration of the war.

Was severely damaged during the battle and had to be towed to Gibralter for temporary repairs. On 03-Nov-1805 she sailed for Portsmouth with Nelson's body aboard, arriving at Spithead 04-December. Moving on to Sheerness 22-Dec when Nelson's body was transferred to the Commissioners Yacht for the final sea journey to Greenwich and later interment in St Paul's Cathedral.

Victory went to Chatham where her battle damage was repaired. Rejoining the Fleet Mar-1808.

From 1808 to Nov 1812 she was in continuous service and returned to Portsmouth Nov-1812. When she went into refit which lasted until 1815. 

Emerging from refit Victory went into Reserve until 1824 when she became Flagship of the Portsmouth Command. Which continues to the present time with only a break from 1869 to 1889.

So from 1824 to 1922 Victory was berthed in Portsmouth Harbour. 

On Jan-1922 Victory was dry-docked at Portsmouth and she was restored to her condition at the Battle of Trafalgar. The restoration took until 17-Jul-1928 to complete. Work continues as necessary to keep her in the same condition.

HMS Victory remains on display in the No 2 dock at Portsmouth. The oldest graving dock in the world.

Won the Battle Honours: Ushant 1781, St. Vincent 1797 and Trafalgar 1805.


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