Honour - SYRIA 1840

Date - 10 September/ 09 December
Type - Campaign Awards
Conflict - War between Egypt and Turkey; 1840


The actions took place in the Eastern Mediterranean off the coast of Syria, present day Lebanon.

In 1839 a long standing power struggle between expansionist Egypt and the Ottoman Empire erupted into open war when a Turkish army was destroyed on 29-June at the battle of Nezib. The conflict threatened to destabilize the Levant and Near East and Turkey was supported by Britain and the Austrian and Russian Empires.

The award covered various operations including shore bombardments and landing of Turkish troops and marines, mainly at Syria.

On 25-November Commodore Charles Napier arrived off Alexandria with part of the Mediterranean Fleet to enforce a blockade. He then negotiated a peace with the Egyptian Mehemet Ali, the Pasha of Egypt. This was immediately repudiated by his Admiral, and several of the allied powers.

However it formed a basis of a formal peace treaty which was later negotiated and  differed from Napier's original in only minor ways.


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