HMS Bedouin (1939) DD  (1st)

This the only ship to carry the name HMS Bedouin was a Tribal Class, destroyer.

Built by Denny, laid down Jan-1937, launched 21-Dec-1937 and commissioned 15-Mar-1939.

Bedouin took part in Norwegian Operations, including the 2nd Battle of Narvik 13-Apr-1940, and the Lofoten raid Mar-1941. 1941/42 saw her mostly in the Arctic with the 6th Flotilla.

Detached from the Home Fleet for Operation Harpoon/Vigorous, a double Malta convoy. While South of Pantellaria, an Italian Cruiser and destroyer force intercepted the convoy. Bedouin in company with other destroyers Marne, Matchless, Ithuriel and Partridge drove the attacking ships off. But Bedouin and Partridge were damaged, with Bedouin completely disabled. Partridge managed to get under way again  and began towing Bedouin to safety. But the Italian ships appeared again and Partridge had to cast off the tow to defend herself. Bedouin was later attacked by Italian aircraft, torpedoed and sunk.03-Jul-1942.

Won the Battle Honours: Narvik 1940, Norway 1940-41, Atlantic 1940-41, Arctic 1941-42 and Malta Convoys 1942.


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