Honour - Guadeloupe 1810

Date - 28-January / 05-February
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place on the Island of Guadeloupe in the West Indies.

Reports had been received that disease had lowered the morale of the defending French troops and a joint force was despatched to take the island.

Landings which were almost unopposed began on 28-January. After several days fighting surrender terms were proposed and on 05-February the Island surrendered.


HM Ships
Abercrombie  Achates  Alcmene  Alfred  Amaranthe 
Asp  Attentive  Aurora  Bacchus  Ballahou 
Bellette  Blonde  Castor  Cherub  Cygnet 
Elizabeth  Fawn  Forester  Freija  Frolic 
Gloire  Grenada  Guadeloupe  Hazard  Laura 
Loire  Melampus  Morne Fortunee Netley  Observateur 
Orpheus  Pelorus  Perlen  Plumper  Pompee 
Pultusk  Ringdove  Rosamond  Savage  Sceptre 
Scorpion  Snap  Star  Statira  Subtle 
Superieure  Surinam  Thetis  Vimiera  Wanderer 
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