HMS York (1982) DG  (10th)

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The current and twelfth ship to carry the name HMS York is a Batch 3, Type 42 destroyer. The last Type 42 to be built.

Built by Swan Hunter at Wallsend, laid down 18-Jan-1980, launched 20-June-1982, and commissioned 09-Aug-1985.

Left Portsmouth 19-Feb-2011 for patrol duty in the South Atlantic but detoured into the Mediterranean to assist with evacuation of civilians from Libya during an uprising against the Gaddafi led government. After this she continued to the South Atlantic. 

The Ship's motto 'Bon Espoir' means Good Hope, and was the motto of Edmund Langley, the First Duke of York 1341-1402, who was the fifth son of Edward III.

In service Mar-2011.


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