HMS York (1930) CC  (9th)

This the twelfth ship to carry the name HMS York was a Cruiser.

Built by Palmer of Jarrow, laid down 16-May-1927, launched 17-Jul-1928, commissioned 01-May-1930.

Spent a number of years on the America and West Indies Station with the 8th Cruiser Squadron. With a short deployment to the Mediterranean during the Abyssinian crisis of Sep-1935 to early 1936.

She had a brief but active service in WW2.

At the start of the war was on the America Station, initially on ocean convoy escort to early convoys from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

In Oct-1939, with HMS Berwick formed Force F at Halifax. One of a number of hunting groups formed to find German raiders.

03-Mar-1940 intercepted the German blockade runner Arucas in the Denmark Strait.

Apr-1940 joined the Home Fleet and took part in Norwegian operations.

Mid-1940 it was out to the Mediterranean to the 3rd Cruiser Squadron based at Malta and Alexandria.

On 13-Oct-1940 finished off the damaged Artigliere which has been in action against HMS Ajax. Then it was Malta convoy escort work and troop convoy escort to Greece. .

Struck by an Italian explosive motor boat 21-Mar-1941, she was beached at Suda Bay, Crete on 26-Mar-1941, during the battle for that island. Further damaged by air attack she was beached in shallow water 22-May-1941 to prevent her falling into enemy hands.

Her hulk arrived at Bari Feb-1952 for breaking up.

Won the battle Honours: Atlantic 1939, Norway 1940, Mediterranean 1940-41 and Malta Convoys 1941.


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