HMS Warrior (1946) CVL  (4th)

This the fourth ship to carry the name HMS Warrior was the eighth of ten Colossus Class (1944) Light Fleet carriers.

She was laid down in 1942, launched 1944 and completed Jan-1946.

On completion she was commissioned as HMCS Warrior and used by the Canadian Navy until they were able to operate their 1st Majestic Class (1948) CVL carrier HMS Magnificent in 1948. 

Once back in RN hands Warrior was used for special flight deck trials. In Oct-1948 she was fitted with a flexible or rubber deck to sea trial the operation of undercarriageless aircraft. The concept had initially been proved on land at Farnborough. The first deck landing at sea took place on 03-Nov-1948. Tests continued until May 1949. The concept although proved to give a small increase in aircraft performance was not cost effective. 

(But discussions on how the flexible deck would work, included one idea of offsetting the flexible deck by 10 to port. This idea although nearly dropped, was later developed into the angled flight deck, which revolutionised all later aircraft carrier operations.) 

After these trials she went into reserve. Then during the Korean War she was used to transport aircraft to the Far East. At the end of the war she remained off Korea as part of the Korean Armistice patrol from 1954-56.

Then back to the UK for refit for an angle deck and new arrester gear to be fitted. After this it was out to the Pacific for a short spell to assist with monitoring Nuclear Tests at Christmas Island.

She was put up for sale on her return and bought by Argentina as the  Indepencia 10-Dec-1958. 

Finally laid up 1971, when she was replaced by 25 de Mayo (ex HMS Venerable) and later broken up.


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