HMS Victory (1737)  (4th)
1st Rate 100-gun 

This HMS Victory the fourth to carry the name was a first rate, three deck, 100/90-gun ship-of-the-line.

She was built at Portsmouth Dockyard.

Construction technically began in 1675 as a rebuild from the frames of HMS Royal James, but the work stopped. From 1695 to 1714 she was renamed HMS Victory, then in 1715  renamed HMS Royal George, being renamed in 1716 to Victory yet again. Work restarted  06-Mar-1726, and she was launched 23-Feb-1737. Being 163ft 1in long on the deck, 135ft long in the keel, 45ft 4in wide, 18ft 4in depth in the hold, and of 1,486 tons builders measurement

Her establishment of 100-guns and 780 men was carried during time of war at home waters. With 90-guns and 580 men being carried in time of peace or war overseas.

Wrecked 05-Oct-1744 with up to 1,100 people on board all of whom were lost. The wreck site was found in 2008 and formally announced Feb-2009 as about 110km west of Alderney, one of the Channel islands. Although the site is about 100km west of the site which had been identified by the Admiralty in 1744/45, bronze cannons up to 42pdr in size have been recovered. These were the biggest bronze cannon carried during the age of sail, and only carried by 1st Rate ships.


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