HMS Victorious (1808)  (2nd)
3rd Rate 74-gun

The second Victorious was a third rate, 74 gun ship-of-the-line, launched at Bucklers Hard in Portsmouth on the 20-Oct-1808 at a cost of 41,798.

She was 173ft long, 47ft wide, and of 1,724 tons builders measurement.

Dispatched to the Baltic Squadron she saw action in the bombardment of Flushing in 1809 before being moved to the Mediterranean. It was here, under the command of Captain Talbot, that she earned her first Battle Honour defeating the far larger French ship Rivoli, killing nearly half of her 810 strong crew. 

Victorious then operated for a couple of years in the West Indies before returning to Portsmouth on 1st September 1814 to spend the rest of her career on harbour service.

Broken up at Portsmouth Jan-1862.

Won the Battle Honour: 'Rivoli' 1812.


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