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The four ships of the Hawkins Class (1919) were part of the WW1 emergency war programme and designed as a response to the German Cruisers and Armed merchant Cruisers which caused disruption far beyond that expected by their small numbers.

These raiders had 5.9in guns and a good speed.

However the removal of the Raider threat reduced the programmes priority, construction was slowed down and the four who commissioned as cruisers did not commission until the mid-1920's.

They received various modifications during the late 1920's and after the 1930 London Naval Treaty they were set to be demilitarised and reduced to reserve.

During the late 1930' s when the Treaty lapsed, they were refitted but the threat of WW2 meant the guns removed earlier were replaced.

HMS Cavendish was rushed to completion before the end of WW1 as an aircraft carrier and renamed HMS Vindictive. Reconverted back to a cruiser 1923-25.


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