HMS Glasgow (1861) (5th)
Wooden Screw Frigate

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Glasgow was a wooden screw frigate.

The appearance of the French ironclad ship Gloire in 1858 effectively rendered the wooden ships obsolete overnight.

However, extensive stocks of ship building timber meant that the fifth HMS Glasgow was one of many to be still built of wood. 

Built at Portsmouth Dockyard, launched 28-Mar-1861, 250ft long, 52ft wide, and of 3,027 tons builders measurement, and displacing 4,020 tons. 

In addition to her steam engine, she had a full suite of sails giving both speed (up to 13 knots) and endurance. Despite being made of wood, she also carried breech loading rifled guns. 

She only saw only one deployment, as Flagship in the East Indies from 1871-1875.

Sold Dec-1884.


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