HMS Glasgow (1757)  (3rd)
6th Rate 20-gun

This the third ship to carry the name HMS Glasgow was a sixth rate, 20- gun ship.

Built by Blaydes of Hull, launched 31-Aug-1757, 109ft long, 30ft 6in wide and of 504 tons builders measurement.

During her service saw plenty of action against both the French and Americans. Winning battle honours at Lagos 1759 and Havana 1762.

During the American War of Independence she met an American squadron of some seven ships and, single handed, fought a night battle lasting four hours, severely damaging two ships before outrunning the rest. 

Lost 19-Jun-1779 while anchored off Jamaica in Montego Bay when a drunken steward caused a fire. The crew began to jettison the gunpowder as the town nearby could have been seriously damaged if the magazine blew up. They were assisted by the young Captain of HMS Badger, Commander Nelson, whose crew helped prevent damage to the town.

Won the Battle Honours: Lagos 1759 and Havana 1762.


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