Transition - Sail to Power (Mid-1800's)

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Wooden Types

Iron Types

Other Types

Wooden Paddle Ships Iron Paddle Ships Composite Paddle Ships
Wooden Screw Frigate Iron Screw Frigate Composite Screw Gunboat
Wooden Screw Sloop Iron Screw Sloop Composite Screw Sloop
Wooden Screw Gunboat
  - Pelter Class (1855)
  - Dapper Class (1855)
  - Albacore Class (1856)
  - Cheerful Class (1856)
  - Clown Class (1856)
  - Algerine Class (1857)
  - Britomart Class (1860)
Iron Screw Gunboat
 - Ant Class (1870)
Wooden Screw Corvette Iron and Steel Screw Corvette
 - Comus Class (1879)
Composite Screw Corvette
Wooden Screw Gunvessel
 - Cormorant Class (1862)
Iron Turret Ship  
  Coastguard Vessels
  Armoured Corvette
  Armoured Frigate
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