Type 22 Class (1979) 
FG Frigate 
- Ships

Ship Pennant
Commissioned Decommission/
Batch 1
Broadsword Class
Broadsword F88 03-May-1979 31-Mar-1995 Sold to Brazil as BNS Greenhalgh.
Battleaxe F89 28-Mar-1980 1997 Sold to Brazil as BNS Rademaker.
Brilliant F90 15-May-1981 1996 Sold to Brazil as BNS Dodsworth.
Brazen F91 02-Jul-1982 1996 Sold to Brazil as BNS Bosisio.
Batch 2
Boxer Class
Boxer F92 22-Dec-1983 04-Aug-1999 Allocated as a target 2003.
Beaver F93 13-Dec-1984 05-Feb-1999
Brave F94 04-Jul-1986 22-Mar-1999 Allocated as a target 2003.
London F95 05-Jun-1986 11-Jun-1999 Sold to Romania Dec-2002.
Sheffield F96 26-Jul-1988 14-Nov-2002 Sold to Chilean Navy Oct-2003, renamed Almirante Williams.
Coventry F98 14-Oct-1988 17-Jan-2002 Sold Dec-2002 to Romania.
Batch 3
Cornwall Class
Cumberland F85 10-June 1989 23-Jun-2011  
Campbeltown F86 27-May-1989 07-Apr-2011  
Chatham  F87 04 May-1990 09-Feb-2011  
Cornwall F99 23-Apr-1988 01-Jul-2011  
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