HMS Amethyst (1943) SL  (6th)

This the sixth ship to carry the name HMS Amethyst was a Modified Black Swan Class (1942) escort vessel (sloop).

Built by Stephen, laid down 25-Mar-1942, launched 27-May-1943 and completed 02-Nov-1943.

On commissioning went to the Mediterranean until Oct-1944. Returned to the UK for refit and on completion moved to the North Atlantic. Where she assisted in sinking U-482 on 16-Jan-1945 and U-1276 on 20-Feb-1945. Remained in the North Atlantis until the end of the European war.

Refitted at Devonport May and June 1945 then went to the Pacific Fleet. Remained there until Jan-1946 when she went to refit at New Zealand. On completion in Mar-1946 went to Hong Kong.

Moved up the Yangtse River to act as guardship and radio link. Was fired on, badly damaged by Communist forces and trapped, later breaking out during the Yangtse Incident to rejoin the Fleet at Hong Kong.

Returned to the UK for refit and on completion returned to the Far East from mid-1950 for another two years.

Paid off at Devonport and broken up 19-Jan-1957 at Plymouth.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1945 and Korea 1951-52.


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