Kestrel Class (1900) TBD

The Kestrel Class was one of a large number of classes of Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Designed to a common contract speed of 30kts, with each class built by a different builder. They were a follow on to the similar 27kt design the Brazen Class (1900), but to a considerably modified design.

Built by Thomson of Clydebank, part of the 1896/97 construction programme. They were a single ship class and the success of the modifications meant she was accepted into service before her predecessors.

The 90 ships ordered from 1892/93 to 1896/97 programmes almost completed Royal Navy requirement for torpedo boat destroyers.

The single designation 30-knotters covered large number of distinct designs. So when class letters were assigned on 30-Aug-1912, four funnel ships were assigned to B Class; three funnel ships to C Class and two funnel ships to D Class. 


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