Brazen Class (1900) TBD

The Brazen Class was one of a large number of classes of Torpedo Boat Destroyers. Designed to a common contract speed of 30kts, with each class built by a different builder. They were a follow on to the similar 27kt design of the 1893/94 year programme. The 90 ships ordered from 1892/93 to 1896/97 programmes almost completed Royal Navy requirement for torpedo boat destroyers.

Built by Thomson of Clydebank, part of the 1895/96 construction programme. They were a class of four ships and were slightly larger version of the company's Rocket Class (1895).

They had difficulty making their contract speed with Electra being lengthened after launch, and Recruit and Vulture being lengthened during building. Vulture the last to be laid down and launched was the first to be completed and accepted.

The single designation 30-knotters covered large number of distinct designs. So when class letters were assigned on 30-Aug-1912, four funnel ships were assigned to B Class; three funnel ships to C Class and two funnel ships to D Class. 


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