Honour - SCHEVENINGEN 1653

Date - 31-July
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - First Dutch War; 1652-54

Description The action took place off the small harbour of Scheveningen. It was the last naval battle of this war.

About noon on the 29th July an English and Dutch fleet, each of about 100 ships, sighted each other near Texel.

About 0700hrs on 31st July the engagement began and by 2000hrs the Dutch were beaten. The Dutch lost at least 14 ships, with 1,300 taken prisoner.

The English lost two ships, about 250 killed and 700 wounded.


HM Ships
Adventure (i)  Advice  Andrew  Assistance  Assurance 
Bear  Black Raven  Centurion  Constant Reformation  Constant Warwick 
Crescent  Crown  Diamond  Dolphin  Dragon 
Duchess  Elizabeth  Essex Expedition  Falmouth 
Flying Renown  Foresight  George  Gift  Gift Major 
Globe  Great Charity  Guinea  Half-Moon  Happy Entrance 
Hound  Hunter  James  Kentish  Laurel 
Little Charity  Lion  London  Marmaduke  Martin 
Mary Prize  Mayflower  Mermaid  Merlin  Middleburg 
Newcastle  Nonsuch  Norwich  Oak  Paulus 
Pelican  Peter  Portland  Portsmouth  President
(or Great President) 
Providence  Rainbow  Raven  Recovery  Renown 
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Sophia  Sussex  Swan  Tiger  Triumph 
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