Honour - NILE 1798

Date - 01-August
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - French Revolutionary War

Description The action took place at Aboukir Bay, Alexandria and was fought between a Fleet of 14, 3rd rate 74's under Rear Admiral Nelson and a French fleet of 13 ships-of-the-line plus 4 frigates.

The French were anchored close inshore in the bay, protected on both sides by shoals and breakers, and flanked by frigates and a land battery at Aboukir island.

The British arrived off Alexandria only a few hours before sunset and Nelson decided there was a small opening which would allow the British ships to pass through to the blind side of the French ships. Which was immediately done and the action continued well into the late evening.

Only two French ships Guillaume Tell (80) and Genereux (74) plus 2 frigates escaped. These two ships-of-the-line were taken within 18 months.

The victory established British naval supremacy in the Mediterranean and stranded Napoleon's Expeditionary force in Egypt.

The French lost 1,451 killed and 1,479 wounded out of 11,230. The British lost 218 killed and 678 wounded out of 8,068.


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