Honour - MINORCA 1798

Date - 7/15-November
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793-1803

Description The action took place on the Island of Minorca in the Western Mediterranean.

A small squadron of seven ships escorted a number of transports with an embarked military force to take the island of Minorca.

They arrived off the island on the 7-November and while the two largest ships created a diversion by sailing close outside the harbour of Fournella, the remainder of the force continued to Addaya Creek. Troops, seaman and marines were landed there, beginning at 1100hrs and was completed by 1800hrs. The landings were closely covered by the guns of Argo, Aurora and Cormorant.

The naval ships covered the landing of further supplies and also on 15-November deterred an incoming Spanish squadron of four ships from interfering with operations.

The island's garrison of 3/4000  surrendered on the 15th. There were no British losses. 


HM Ships
Argo  Aurora  Centaur  Constitution  Cormorant 
Leviathan  Peterel       
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