Honour - MARTINIQUE 1809

Date - 30-January/24-February
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - Napoleonic War; 1803-15

Description The action took place at the island of Martinique in the Caribbean.

In mid-1808 intelligence was received that the garrison of the strategic island of Martinique had been reduced so an invasion force was assembled.

By the end of January-1809 all preparations were complete with a landing force of 10,000 troops, marines and seamen and over 40 ships. The force arrived off the island on 30-Jan-1809 and was opposed by 2,400 regular troops, 2,500 militia with 290 guns.

Landings were made at several places and over the next three weeks the French were overcome and they surrendered on 24-February.


HM Ships
Acasta  Aeolus  Amaranthe  Bacchus  Belleisle 
Bellette  Captain  Cherub  Circe  Cleopatra 
Cuttle  Demerara  Dominica  Eclair  Ethalion 
Eurydice  Express  Fawn  Forester  Frolic 
Gloire  Goree  Haughty  Hazard  Intrepid 
Liberty  Mosambique  Neptune  Pelorus  Penelope 
Pompee  Port d'Espagne  Pultusk  Recruit  Ringdove 
St. Pierre  Snap  Star  Stork  Subtle 
Superieure  Surinam  Swinger  Ulysses  Wolverine 
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