Honour - DIEPPE 1942

Date - 19 August
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description The action took place at the town of Dieppe on the north coast of France.

Given the name 'Operation Jubilee', it took the form of a raid to find out if it was feasible to assault, take and hold a major port for a limited period of time. Other objectives were to obtain intelligence from captured prisoners, documents and equipment; also to find what the German armed forces reaction was to a large assault against the French coast. The RAF also wanted to entice the Luftwaffe into a major battle against which it could use its expanded fighter force to inflict heavy losses on the Germans, 67 squadrons were committed to the operation.

The assaulting force of about 5,000 comprised the Canadian 2nd Division, plus supporting Commando, Marine, tank and other units. Losses came to 2,700 killed, wounded or captured.

It was also the first time the RAF came up against the FW190 in numbers and lost 105 aircraft (88 fighters), plus another 100 damaged against the German loss of 46 aircraft.

Apart from the success of flanking attacks by commando units to knock out German guns no other objectives were achieved and the attack did not get beyond the beach sea-wall.

The intensity of the battle can be gauged from the report from one Royal Navy craft who counted over 50 bullet holes in his white ensign.


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