Trafalgar Class (1983)
Fleet Attack Submarine SSN

There have been a total of seven Trafalgar Class boats constructed, and the class is complete.

The Trafalgar's are constructed to a similar hullform to the previous Swiftsure Class, from NQ-1 steel, but with improved internal arrangements.

Trafalgar has a conventional 7-bladed skewback propeller, but the rest of the class have pumpjet propulsors, trading off top speed for greatly reduced noise.

Diving depth is said to be 300 meters+ (nearly 1,000ft), tested to a maximum of 590 meters (2,000ft). The hull is covered with 26,000 anechoic tiles to dissipate and absorb sonar pulses.

The next class of SSN's will be the 30% larger Astute Class (2009). The first of which began construction in January 2001.


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