Astute Class (2010)
Fleet Attack Submarine SSN

Astute Class (2010) is the latest Fleet Attack Submarines to be built for the Royal Navy. They are 30 percent larger than the Trafalgar Class SSN, and take the navy into it's second century of submarine operations.

First ship of the class HMS Astute was launched 08-Jun-2007. The second HMS Ambush launched 06-Jan-20113. The third, HMS Artful construction began 11-Mar-2005. The fourth HMS Audacious had her keel laying ceremony 24-Mar-2009. The fifth HMS Anson construction began launched 06-Jan-2011. The sixth HMS Agamemnon had long lead items ordered 2010 and construction is expected to begin 2012. A seventh ship HMS Ajax is projected but timeframe is unknown at present.


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