HMS St Albans (1940) DD  (5th) 

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS St Albans was one of fifty destroyers sold to the Royal Navy in 1940 as part of the Destroyers-for-bases agreement with the United States.

Originally the USS Thomas DD182, built by Newport News Shipbuilding Co, laid down 23-Mar-1918, launched 04-Jul-1918, commissioned in the US Navy 25-Apr-1919, commissioned in the Royal Navy 23-Sep-1940 and renamed.

Refitted at Devonport 11-Oct to 01-Nov-1940 then joined the 1st Minelaying Squadron at Kyle of Lochalsh. Another refit followed at Chatham 11-Feb to 22-Apr-1941 and on completion was loaned to the Royal Norwegian Navy.

Joined the 7th Escort Group at Liverpool 04-Jun-1941 having been delayed by a collision with the minesweeping trawler HMS Alberic.

Completed escort duty in the Atlantic and Arctic until refitted at Falmouth from 05-July to 29-Oct-1942. During this she reverted to British manning. Her return to escort work revealed defects which took from 16-Nov-1942 to the end of the year to put right.

On completion spent a short while with Rosyth Command as a Target ship, after which she joined the Western Local Escort Force at Halifax. Remained there until Dec-1943 when she returned to the UK to be paid off into reserve.

Refitted at Palmers 02-Jun to 22-Jun-1944 after which she was loaned to the Soviet Navy 16-Jul-1944 in lieu of Italian tonnage, and renamed Dostoini.

Returned to the Royal Navy at Rosyth 28-Feb-1949.

Sold 05-Apr-1949 and broken up at Charlestown.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1941-43, English Channel 1942, Arctic 1942 and North Sea 1943.


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