HMS Queen Elizabeth (201?) CV  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name HMS Queen Elizabeth is the name ship of a projected class of two aircraft carriers.

Built by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, a consortium of Babcock, BAE Systems, Thales and the Ministry of Defence. Formed to construct the two Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

Construction began 09-Jul-2009 at various shipyards around the UK. On completion, each section being transported to Rosyth where they are assembled into the complete ship.

The first sections to arrive at Rosyth on 08-Apr-2010 were the bulbous bow and upper bow section, in total weighing 400 tonnes. 

Lower Block 03 (LB03) at 8,000 tons arrived at Rosyth from Govan 20-Aug-2011. Following the arrival of the Central Block from Tyneside mid-September the official start to assembly at Rosyth was 23-Sep-2011 when the first of four sections of Central Block 03 was lifted onto Lower Block 03. Once joined they made up Super Block 03 (SB03).

Lower Block 02 (LB02) of 6000 tons and Lower Block 05 (LB05) arrived from Portsmouth Apr-2012.

Lower Block 04 (LB04) weighing 11,300 tons, arrived from Govan 11-Nov-2012. Shortly after arrival the dock was flooded and LB04 floated in.

During December 2012 various sections of Central Block 04 (CB04) were lifted onto LB04.

Meanwhile at the other end of the dock the lower bow section was lifted into place Aug-2012 and middle bow section added and joined Dec-2012 making up most of Lower Block 01 (LB01).

Another major job during 2012 was the joining of sponsons along LB02 and LB03.

The only major sections yet to arrive at Rosyth are the two Islands, whose construction are well underway at Portsmouth and Scotstoun.

The two main super blocks have been joined late Jan-2013 and also the first of two gas turbine engines. Each of the two gas turbines generate 36 Megawatts of electricity and add to the generating power of the four diesel engines installed earlier in the construction process. Total generating capacity is 109 Megawatts.

On 08-Feb-2013 the final section of the bow was lowered into place which completed the forward part of the ship. Then 11-Feb the forward bridge section arrived at Rosyth. This leaves only the aft bridge as the final large section to arrive at Rosyth.

Projected completion is 2016 and service life about 50 years. Launch and commissioning dates yet to be decided.


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