Queen Elizabeth Class (2016?) CV

Built by the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, a consortium of Babcock, BAE Systems, Thales and the Ministry of Defence. Formed to construct the two Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

Construction of HMS Queen Elizabeth began 09-Jul-2009 at various shipyards around the UK. On completion each module is transported to Rosyth where they will be assembled into the complete ship.

Originally the class was intended to be completed with a ski-jump flight deck to operated the Harriers of the Joint Harrier Force and STOVL version of the Joint Strike Fighter.. It was also intended to be able to be changed later to operate non-STOVL aircraft with the ski-jump removed and angled flight deck, catapults and arrester wires added.

Following a Defence Review late 2010, and grounding of the Harrier aircraft, design has been changed to allow aircraft to launch with the angled flight deck option and fly the F35-C carrier version aircraft and not the STOVL variant F35-B which will use a bow ramp to launch. 

On 10-May-2012 the decision to to purchase the F35-C aircraft was reversed and will remain as the STOVL version F35-B. Therefore the ships will revert to being launched with the bow ramp design.

First steel for the second ship HMS Prince of Wales began 26-May-2011, it is possible that on completion it will be mothballed or sold, as cancellation costs are greater than completion costs.


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