HMS Manchester (1937) CC  (2nd)

This the second ship to carry the name Manchester was a Cruiser. .

Built by Hawthorn Leslie of Hebburn, laid down 28-Mar-1936, launched 12-Apr-1937 and commissioned 04-Aug-1938.

At the start of WW2 was in the East Indies with the 4th Cruiser Squadron. Was ordered home and arrived back 25-Nov-1939 with the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow on Northern Patrol duties. Captured the German merchant ship Wahehe on 21-Feb-1940.

Took part in Norwegian operations Apr-1940 then went to the Humber.

Went to the Mediterranean on 15-Sep-1940 for Operation Collar. Took part in the action off Cape  Spartivento, against an Italian cruiser squadron 27-Nov-1940.

Returned home on 13-Dec-1940 for refit which lasted until Apr-1941.

During the hunt for the Bismarck patrolled the Denmark Strait.

Jul-1941 returned to the Mediterranean for important Malta convoys. On 23-Jul-1941 was hit and seriously damaged by torpedo dropped by aircraft. Temporary repairs were made at Gibraltar, then in was on to Philadelphia for full repairs which took until 27-Feb-1942.

Returned to Portsmouth for final work which took until April.

Joined the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow in May-1942 and Russian convoy escort work including reinforcement of Spitzbergen.

Aug-1942 returned to the Mediterranean for Operation Pedestal when on the night of 12/13 Aug-1942 was struck by a torpedo off Tunisia and crippled with the loss of 150.

Scuttled 13-Aug-1942. 

Won the Battle Honours: Norway 1940, Spartivento 1940, Arctic 1942 and Malta Convoys 1941-42.


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