HMS Bonaventure (1940) CC  (8th)

This the eighth ship to carry the name HMS Bonaventure was an anti-aircraft, light cruiser.

Built by Scotts of Greenock, laid down 30-Aug-1937, launched 19-Apr-1939, and completed 24-May-1940.

On completion served with the Home Fleet on convoy escort duty.

While escorting convoy WS5a on 25-Dec-1940 was attacked by the German Heavy Cruiser Admiral Hipper which was almost three times her size. No damage was done to either ship.

Then went to the Mediterranean to join Force F at Malta. 10-Jan-1941 was attacked by two Italian Torpedo Boats, Circe and Vega, south of Pantellaria, and she sank the Vega.

Undertook operations in the Greek campaign and on 31-Mar-1941 while escorting a convoy from Greece to Alexandria was torpedoed and sunk by the Italian submarine Ambra while south of Crete.

Won the Battle Honours: Malta Convoys 1941.


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