HMS Bittern (1938) SL  (5th)

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Bittern was a Bittern Class (1935) escort sloop.

Built by White, laid down 27-Aug-1936, launched 14-Jul-1937 and commissioned 15-Mar-1938.

After commissioning Bittern carried out extensive trials of the recently developed stabilisers which were intended to increase gunnery accuracy in a small hull. So she did not join the 1st Anti-submarine Flotilla until Jan-1939.

At the outbreak of WW2 joined the Rosyth Escort Force as anti-aircraft escort for East Coast convoys. This work lasted until Apr-1940 when she joined the Norwegian campaign as part of it's limited anti-aircraft defence.

During the evacuation of Namsos she was hit and badly damaged aft. Although capable of being taken under tow, the threat of continued air attack did not give this option. To ensure she did not drift into shallower water where her secret ASDIC equipment could have been salvaged, she was torpedoed and sunk by HMS Janus.

Won the Battle Honour: Norway 1940.


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