HMS Avenger (1942) CVE  (7th)

This the seventh ship to carry the name HMS Avenger was one of five Archer Class escort carriers.

Built by the Sun Shipbuilding Co of Chester. While incomplete, taken over by the US Navy for conversion to an escort carrier to be operated by the Royal navy under lend/lease terms. Launched 27-Nov-1940, completed 01-Mar-1942 and commissioned 02-Mar-1942. Transferred to the Royal Navy under lend-lease and renamed Avenger. Armed with 2 x 4in and 40 x 40mm guns, and embarked 15 aircraft. 

Broke down during trials and after repairs,  sailed for the UK as part of convoy AT15, 30-Apr-1942.

Flight deck lengthened at the Clyde starting 11-May and allocated to the Home Fleet 16-Jun-1942.Took part in Russian convoy operations Sep-1942, then Operation Torch the North Africa landings Oct-1942.

Sunk 15-Nov-1942 by U-155 west of Gibralter.

Won the Battle Honours: Arctic 1942, and  North Africa 1942.


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