Z Class (1944) DD

Ordered as the 10th Emergency Flotilla, they were a repeat of the previous U Class, with two important differences.

First the main gun armament was the new 4.5in gun. Replacing the 4.7in gun which had been the standard main gun for Royal Navy destroyers since 1918.

Second a dual-purpose director was specified.

On commissioning all ships of the class joined the Home Fleet and spent 1944 on carrier raids, offensive cruiser patrols and Russian convoy escort.

The flotilla remained on Arctic convoy duty in 1945, until May when Zealous, Zephyr, Zest and Zodiac were part of the force sent to liberate Denmark.

After the war in Europe ended, all remained in Home waters.

In mid to late 1950's four were broken up, two sold to Israel, and two to Egypt.


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