Type 45 Daring Class (2008) DG
Air Defence Destroyer

The Type 45 Daring Class, Air Defence Destroyers, are the latest class of Destroyers being built for the Royal Navy. 

They will be the largest general purpose combat vessels built since the Tiger Class Cruisers of the 1941 programme in WW2.  

With a deep load displacement of 7,200 tons they are comparable in size to light cruisers of the early-mid 20th century.

The first six have been built, with a potential requirement of 12 vessels in total.

The first, HMS Daring entered service 10-Dec-2008, and formally commissioned 23-Jul-2009.

HMS Dauntless entered service 17-Dec-2010.

HMS Diamond completed 22-Sep-2010.

HMS Daring launched 01-Feb-2006, HMS Dauntless 23-Jan-2007, HMS Diamond  27-Nov-2007, HMS Dragon 17-Nov-2008, HMS Defender 21-Oct-2009 and HMS Duncan 11-Oct-2010.


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