S Class (1918) DD

The S class destroyers formed part of the eleventh and twelfth war programmes and were ordered in Apr-1917 and Jun-1917.

In early 1917 it became clear that the Germans were not in fact building destroyers armed with 5" guns which were countered by the larger V and W class ships. As usual building these larger destroyers resulted in fewer numbers, so the decision was made to reduce the size of the S class to give greater numbers of ships.

So the class was based on a modified R Class with design changes to improve sea worthiness.

These changes were successful with some considering them the most seaworthy British destroyers constructed during WW1. In descending order from most seaworthy being S Class, V, R, V (leader),  and M Classes.

While a few were completed in Mar/Apr-1918 most were completed from late 1918 to mid-1919 and most went into reserve after WW1. Most were sold for breaking up during the 1930's but eleven remained in service to see action in WW2.


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