Repeat W Class (1919) DD

The repeat W class destroyers were part of the 1918-19 construction programme, and formed part of the 13th and 14th War Programmes.

A total of 52 ships were ordered, 16 in Jan-1918 and 38 in Apr-1918. While the change from the smaller ships of the previous S Class would mean a delay in about 2 months in comparison it was decided the advantages of the larger hulls would make them worthwhile.

They carried 4.7" instead of 4" guns, sets of triple instead of twin torpedo tubes, and revised bridge and boiler arrangements.

However with WW1 ending 7 months after the April order most were later cancelled. Those which were not cancelled were launched after the war ended and some were not completed until a few years after launch and all served in WW2. 


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