M Class (1914) DD

The M Class (1914) were a class of 13 destroyers. A follow on from the previous Laforey (L) Class (1913) and part of the 1913-14 construction programme. This was three less than the usual number ordered as the funds saved were used to construct three new destroyer leader types.

Six ships were constructed to an Admiralty design,  Hawthorn constructed 2 specials, Thorneycroft 2 specials, and Yarrow 3 specials to their own slightly amended design.

Both armament and accommodation were unchanged from the Laforey Class.  

With the outbreak of World War 1, the Admiralty expected that destroyer losses would be high. Therefore it was important that new construction proceed at the maximum rate possible. This leads directly to the the conclusion that you build more of the latest class with no changes which would slow construction.

This meant the Admiralty M Class design was the prototype for about ninety ships most built under five emergency war programmes.


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