Laforey (L) Class (1913) DD

The Laforey Class (1913) were a class of twenty destroyers. (Initially 16 were ordered from various builders followed later 4 more.) Part of the 1912-13 construction programme.

They were originally intended to be called the Rob Roy Class, but on 30-Sep-1913 all were allocated L names and were the first British destroyers whose names matched their class designation.

As usual the machinery varied between builders but all were oil fired, turbine powered, either direct or geared.

During the early design period reports were received that German destroyers were making faster speeds making them obsolete before they were launched. But it was decided that the British designs gave better speed in the seaway and conditions normally experienced in the North Sea, so the design was continued.

They became effectively the prototype of the main series of first world war destroyers.


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