Furious Class (1917) CV

The Furious Class (1917) of Aircraft Carriers was a single ship class.

HMS Furious was laid down as the 3rd Courageous Class (1917) BC battlecruiser in May 1915. However during construction she was altered to become an aircraft carrier. As such she was completed in 1917 with a flying-off deck on the forward part of the ship and a landing-on platform at the rear. Both were separated by a conventional funnel and bridge superstructure in the centre of the ship. 

The design was not a success and completion of HMS Argus in 1918 showed the way forward. In fact a Committee of Inquiry into Naval Aviation in 1917 made the recommendation that aircraft carriers should have a flight deck with a minimum length of 300ft (92m) the full width of the ship. In effect what became known as a flush deck carrier.


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