Courageous Class (1917) BC

The ships of this class were officially listed as battlecruisers, but with their displacement being considerably less than other battlecruisers of the day, they could have been classed simply as large cruisers.

Only two of the three, Courageous and Glorious, were completed and served as battlecruisers with the Fleet. The third HMS Furious was converted before completion, to be an aircraft carrier. 

Their design was a product of Admiral Fisher's ideas for amphibious operations on the North coast of Germany. He wanted light, fast ships, of reduced draught, which were heavily gunned. With their light armour they were not really suited to operations with the main battle fleet. But nonetheless this is where they served on completion.

Both Courageous and Glorious were taken in hand in 1924, cut down and completely reconstructed as aircraft carriers. On being re-launched and re-commissioned they served their days in their new role, meeting their end in WW2.

HMS Courageous CV
HMS Glorious CV
HMS Furious CV  


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