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The ten ships of the Monmouth Class (1903) were Armoured Cruisers. Smaller, 2nd Class versions of the Drake Class (1903).

Two were part of the 1898, supplementary construction programme, two part of the 1899 programme and six part of the 1900 programme.

They were intended for trade protection work rather than fleet duties. Therefore they were as fast as the Drakes, but scaled down in terms of size, armament, armour protection and of course cost and manning requirement.

They were considered to be good seaboats, and excellent steamers, keeping their speed for many years. (HMS Kent, which had difficulty making her contract speed when new, managed to make 25kts in Dec-1914 during the Battle of the Falklands. Bearing in mind she was then very low on fuel, to the extent that her wardroom furniture was also burned during the chase.)


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