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The seven ships of the Edgar Class (1893) were 1st Class Protected Cruisers. Part of the 1889 construction programme.

Smaller versions of the previous year's Blake Class (1893), but they had the same armament and armoured protection. This resulted in a slightly slower speed and reduction in range during the design stage. However in practice they were considered the equals of the Blake's.

They gave good service and their machinery was especially reliable, which resulted in an unusual amount of sea service.

At the start of WW1, all except St. George operated with the Northern patrol of the Shetlands and Norway. But they were by this time quite old ships and conditions were difficult so by the end of the year they were retired from front line duty.

Four were refitted with anti-mine sweeping gear and large anti-torpedo bulges for service in the Dardanelles. After which they served in the Mediterranean.

Most were paid off shortly after the end of WW1. 


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