Honour - Portland 1653

Date - 18/20 February
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions 
Conflict - First Dutch War; 1652-54

Description The action was fought between a fleet of 80 English ships under General-at-sea Robert Blake and a Dutch fleet of similar size.

The Dutch under Tromp were escorting a merchant fleet of about 150 ships through the English Channel. The English had assembled at Portsmouth and the Dutch were sighted off Cape Le Havre. Tromp ordered the merchantmen away and attacked the English fleet.

Action was joined on he 18th off Portland and developed into a running battle which lasted for three days.

The Dutch were hampered by having to protect the convoy, which managed to reach Gravelines with minimum losses.

The battle ended when many English ships ran out of ammunition during the 3-day chase.

The Dutch lost 11 warships and 30 merchantmen, with 2,000 killed. The English lost one ship and 1,000 killed.

The battle marked a turning point in the First Dutch War.


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