Honour - BURMA 1852-53

Date - 10-Jan-1852/30-June-1853
Type - Campaign Award
Conflict - 19th Century Colonial Wars

Description After the first Burma War ended, relations never returned to normal levels and the Treaty of 1826 was repudiated.

In 1851, two British ship masters were held on trumped up charges and forced to buy their freedom.

In response HMS Fox with Commodore Lambert anchored at Rangoon harbour with the east India Steamer Tenasserim. They were joined by HMS Serpent, the East India Steamers Proserpine and Phlegethon, then later HMS Hermes. This force captured a Burmese warship and Rangoon, Bassein and Martaban were blockaded. Tensions increased and eventually an ultimatum made to the Burmese - de-escalate the tensions or be taken over and annexed to India.

After a major battle at Pegu; on 30-Dec-1852 it was proclaimed that Pegu province was annexed to the Empire and further conquests abandoned.

Relations were not normalised between the Royal Courts of India and Ave (the old capital of Burma) until 1862.


HM Ships
Bittern 52-53  Cleopatra 52-53  Contest 52-53  Fox 53  Hastings 52 
Hermes 52 Rattler 52  Salamander 52  Serpent 52  Spartan 53 
Sphinx 53  Styx 52-53  Winchester 53     
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