Vanguard Class (1946) BB

HMS Vanguard was completed as a class of one in Apr-1946. She was ordered as part of an emergency war building programme. To speed her construction the main armament came from the guns which were removed from HMS Courageous (1917) BB and HMS Glorious (1917) BB when they were converted to aircraft carriers in the mid-1920's.

When they were fitted in Vanguard the turrets were modified to allow the guns to be elevated to 30 and thicker turret armour provided.

The overall design was similar the 'King George V Class (1940)' (KGV), in particular the armoured protection.

During construction the lessons of WW2 were learned. So changes were made to the damage control arrangements, and the originally designed close range anti-aircraft fit was considerably increased. 

Vanguard's forecastle was given a pronounced sheer  to correct the wet problems caused by the KGV flat forecastle. Her funnels had raked cowls added to keep gases clear of the bridge. So her overall appearance was quite handsome, and she had the reputation of being a very good sea boat.


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