Inflexible Class (1881) BB

HMS Inflexible was completed as a single ship class of battleship.

She was designed with a heavily-armoured "impregnable" citadel, which was capable of floating even if the unarmoured bow and stern sections were heavily damaged. 

She had the thickest armour which has ever been fitted to a British warship, and also mounted the heaviest guns then in service. Her beam of 75ft was not matched until construction of the Royal Sovereign Class (1892). She was the first ship to be fitted with submerged torpedo tubes, and also the first fitted with electric lighting. 

Her arrangements below decks were very complicated with ideas such as tanks filled with cork being incorporated in her protection.

She was one of the last ships to be rigged and to carry sails.

HMS Inflexible was the last of an era and sometimes described as a rather ugly ship.


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